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Space Jam: Top Flavors and the Business Overall

Smoke-like_wisps_in_the_Veil_Nebula_by_HSTSpace Jam Juice was founded in 2012. In 2012, the vaping industry was only just taking off and space jam e-juice took off almost immediately and never looked back. Space Jam works with various galactic organizations and uses sci-fi-like language to promote their business. They call themselves Space Jam Galactica as a metaphorical statement to selling only the most quality-brand of vapors.

Here are their top flavors:

-Andromeda (obviously named after the movie and novel, Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton): a mixture of pomegranate and berry when done right. All six reviews of it on Alt Smoke earned five stars and one said that he had tried a couple of different vapes before Space Jam’s Andromeda and that the Space Jam version was the only one he got anywhere with.

-Galactica: fresh strawberry with champagne on the edges on the exhale. Thus far, it has not received many reviews but the ones it has received are all five stars.

-Venus: a unique blend of roasted marshmallows, peanut butter, caramel and cream. One reported a hint of a banana taste and another reported that it was more a root beer shake flavor.

-Omega: natural peach flavor with a pinch of vanilla cream. One reviewer reported that the peach flavor was rather spicy, another said that it was more like a peach cobbler with ice cream, yet another reported a peach/apricot flavor.

-Pluto: a fresh melon gum flavor. One reviewer reported a hint of mint and almost all of the reviewers reported that the taste is not overwhelming at all. One even said that she found that people actually want to be around her when she vapes it.
Space Jam ensures that each of their vapors are made according to the ISO-certified standards of the Southern California laboratory. Once the vapors are verified, they then proceed to the hand-crafting and testing stage. Once the testing stage has been verified, the vapors are then shipped off to authorized retailers such as Space Jam.


Space Jam is a very unique retailer in that they not only appeal to those who are extraterrestrial fans but also because their vapors seem to manage to fix problems that other vapors have. If you wish, they will also barter their t-shirts, hoodies, sample packs, etc. with you when you receive enough store credits for turning your labels back into them. Get all you need at http://ejuice.farm/collections/space-jam

If the future of vaporization lasts like it is hoped to, then Space Jam will definitely have a very bright future indeed.